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Sports Teams

Inter-school athletics comprise a major part of the school extra-curricular program. Kate Chegwin has a well established athletic program based on the involvement and development of both our junior and senior players.

Students proudly wear the "Chargers" emblem on their team jerseys and school clothing.

Teams we have had or currently have at Kate Chegwin include:

Basketball (Boys) Jr. /Sr.
Basketball (Girls) Jr./Sr.
Badminton Jr.Sr.
Slo Pitch (Co-ed)
Soccer (Boys)
Soccer (Girls)
Indoor Soccer (Co-ed)
Track and Field (Indoor and Outdoor)
Volleyball (Boys) Jr./Sr.
Volleyball (Girls) Jr./Sr.
Rugby (Girls)
Rugby (Boys)
Cricket (Indoor and Outdoor)
Flag Football‌


  • Senior Boys Bball Wagner 1st place

  • Boys Basketball

  • Boys Soccer

  • Girls Volleyball

  • Archery

  • Bleachers

  • FitZone

  • Indoor Soccer

  • Jr Basketball

  • Slo-Pitch

  • Track

  • Volleyball