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Pre-Advanced Placement Program

The Kate Chegwin Pre-Advanced Placement Program offers an internationally respected learning experience providing a rich curriculum focused on higher order thinking skills, problem solving, inquiry, and community service. Students engage in activities that foster a love of learning, and an appreciation for producing quality work through a diligent and creative effort.

Pre-Advanced Placement students also learn to welcome ambiguity, seek alternate possibilities in their learning and build competency in Canada’s two official languages – French and English. Students who have demonstrated a high level of excellence in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies are encouraged to apply for this prestigious learning opportunity and can obtain applications at their elementary school or join us on one of our school tours.  Please call the office to book into a school tour.

The Advanced Placement Advantage
  • Links with senior high schools offering Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate.
  • Opportunity for enhanced academic growth including more in-depth discussions and study
  • Cohort grouping that provides a nurturing environment for like-minded students
  • Engaging in creative inquiry to expand breadth of skills
  • Volunteerism to encourage students to become responsible and caring citizens
  • Building leadership capacity within each student
  • French language acquisition
  • Using an interdisciplinary approach to enhance levels of understanding
  • Exciting field trips

PRE - AP Information Evening - March 5, 2019 - beginning at 6:00 pm